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Poppies In My Garden And Bees

Like the title of the book All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten, I could say all the plants I really need  to know came from  Master Gardeners. For example, these beautiful poppies.


They self seed all over my garden and at Raincatcher’s.

A close up tells the story: bees also love poppies!

This loaded honey bee is happy about the choice of flowers in my garden, which is something to consider! Note, bees prefer these single petal blooms rather than double.

Load up on information about poppies. Remember to sow seeds in the fall.


Poppy and Larkspur Planting

Ann Lamb

Fall Seed Sowing For Spring Flowering

There is so much possibility in a seed, except if you leave your seeds sitting on a counter, or in the garage, or in your imagination.

Poppy seeds should be planted now. At the Demonstration Garden ours flourished  in the less tended, driest soil. Poppy advice from the Dallas Morning News here.

may 7 2013 068 (Large)

And don’t forget to sow Bluebonnet seeds.   You may recall  we promised to prompt you to plant  Bluebonnets.

Bluebonnets April  2013 013 (Large)

larkspur-Aggie HortLikewise Larkspur seed should be planted now.

Oh dear, some of my dried Larkspur stalks from last spring are still sitting in my garage with viable seed.  This is a reminder to me as well!

Time is of the essence.


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