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Spring at Raincatcher’s Garden 2016

“A little Madness in the Spring is wholesome even for the King.”
― Emily Dickinson

Take a walk with us through our garden to see some of our spring madness!

'Annelinde' peony-type tulip

‘Annelinde’ peony-type tulip

Iris 'Frothingslosh'

Iris ‘Frothingslosh’

Peach Tree Bloom

Peach Tree Bloom

Pear Tree Bloom

Pear Tree Bloom

Plum Tree Bloom

Plum Tree Bloom

Ground Orchid, Bletilla striata Blooming in our Courtyard

Ground Orchid, Bletilla striata Blooming in our Courtyard

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Blooming Bulbs 

Daffodils, Jonquils, Narcissus

If you are like me, you have fallen in love with the Pink Tulip and Ground Orchid shown above.  Order them for your garden and help ours. The Raincatcher’s Garden receives a portion of your order at Brent And Becky’s fundraising site Bloomin’ Buck$ (


Pictures by Starla



2013,A Beautiful Spring in Dallas

Dallas gardeners have enjoyed a long, lovely spring and I don’t think we have glowed enough about it . If you feel like glowing, make a comment at the bottom of this post.  We will send a package of seeds from our garden to the first 10!

Think back to our post, A Texas Spring?  Week after week, we have enjoyed blooms galore!

We planted these Oxeye Daisies in 2009 and this year they have been a “best of show” type exhibit. 

Oxeye Daisies Blooming at The Demonstration Garden

Our Earth-Kind® Roses have bloomed continuously as you can see looking through Lafter and Maggie. 

Earth-Kind Roses, Lafter and Maggie at The Demonstration Garden on Joe Field Road

Our Iris have finished blooming so we must say goodbye to them.

How appropriate this one is called Bye Bye Blue!

Iris with Poppy Blooming in Background


Iris Blooms In Our Dallas Garden

Too bad I didn’t get to attend last week’s Dallas County Master Gardener meeting.

I would have learned all about Iris from the speaker, Bonnie Nichols, and could have given you alot of information about them.  One thing I know for sure: it was worth it to divide our iris last August.  Look at them now!  This is a variety called Queen’s Circle.                       .

Iris Growing At The Demonstration Garden on Joe Field Road, Dallas, Texas

Queen’s Circle is a  Tall Bearded Iris, ruffled, with standards that are pure white and falls that are white with purple along the edges with a yellow beard.

Iris, Larkspur, and Verbena

We have 8 more Iris varieties about to bloom in another garden called our Rose Trellis Garden. We borrowed the classic pink, blue, and grey color scheme . Our Iris, Larkspur,  and the early blooming, can’t live without;  Salvia, ‘May Night’  provide the blue.


Pictures by Starla

March Blooms In Dallas

 In the garden today we clipped, potted, cleaned our garage, and accomplished a number of our spring chores.  The flowers in our garden watched us with no thought of breaking a sweat.

Iris About To Open

This is Iris ‘Frothingslosh’ -yes, that really is the name!

Purplish Larkspur at The Demonstration Garden

Larkspur is already blooming in our color wheel.

Spiderwort at The Demonstration Garden

Spiderwort a carefree, sure sign of spring.

Wheat Growing at the Demonstration Garden on Joe Field Road

We found this heavy, wheel weight at the back of the property and moved it in front of our bed of wheat.  It is such a neat artifact, we wanted everyone to see it and appreciate  it as much as we do!


Dividing Iris At The Demonstration Garden

There are many paradoxes in gardening: bury something so it will live, divide to multiply, prune to bear more fruit.

We have a trove of blue Iris at the Demonstration Garden and it is time to divide them. Watch this video to learn the art of  satisfactory Iris division: 

 Our Iris  were purchased from the Iris Society of Dallas Public Sale. This year it is scheduled for September 15, 2012, from 9am to 1pm or until sold out at Northhaven Gardens.

Dig further into Iris information via the Dallas Morning News here.


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