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Iris Blooms In Our Dallas Garden

Too bad I didn’t get to attend last week’s Dallas County Master Gardener meeting.

I would have learned all about Iris from the speaker, Bonnie Nichols, and could have given you alot of information about them.  One thing I know for sure: it was worth it to divide our iris last August.  Look at them now!  This is a variety called Queen’s Circle.                       .

Iris Growing At The Demonstration Garden on Joe Field Road, Dallas, Texas

Queen’s Circle is a  Tall Bearded Iris, ruffled, with standards that are pure white and falls that are white with purple along the edges with a yellow beard.

Iris, Larkspur, and Verbena

We have 8 more Iris varieties about to bloom in another garden called our Rose Trellis Garden. We borrowed the classic pink, blue, and grey color scheme . Our Iris, Larkspur,  and the early blooming, can’t live without;  Salvia, ‘May Night’  provide the blue.


Pictures by Starla

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  1. Your garden is beautiful!


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