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July Blooms

Cut Flower Exhibit of Dallas July Blooms

The Earth-Kind® WaterWise Demonstration Garden is pleased to  jump in on the July Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. Garden Blogs all across America participate monthly, giving us a record of what’s blooming all through the year to study when planning our Dallas-Ft. Worth gardens. 

In 2011, we suffered through record breaking heat, but in 2012 our gardens are blooming again despite our normal highs of 103 degrees and only pop-up showers.  With Dallas heat and clay, we use careful soil preparation.  We add compost and expanded shale, water with drip irrigation, and mulch heavily. (For a more detailed information, read the Texas A&M AgriLife link.)

Our garden is filled with carefully chosen perennials that thrive in Dallas-Fort Worth.  Zexmenia, Knock-out roses, Mexican Petunias, several Sages, bloom all through the summer in our crushing heat and humidity.

Most of the plants can be found easily in Dallas garden stores.  Fall is the best time for planting to give plants a good start through our mild fall and winter seasons although sometimes a  wide variety of perennials is not available until early spring. Print  this  list and keep checking with your favorite nursery.

1. Stick Verbena, Verbena bonariensis

2. Knock- Out Rose, Rosa ‘Radrazz’ sp.

3.  Abelia, /Abelia x grandiflora ‘Francis Mason’

4. Transylvania Sage, Salvia transsilvanica

5. Hummingbird Bush, Anisacanthus quadrifidus var. wrightii

6. Periwinkle-Cora Vinca Series, Catharanthus roseus

7.  Trailing Lantana, Lantana montevidensis

8. Orange Cosmos, Cosmos sulphureus

9. Pink Turk’s Cap, Malvaviscus arboreus var. drummonii ‘Pam’s Pink Puryear

10. Mexican Petunia-Pink, Ruellia britonia

11. Phlox, Phlox paniculata ‘John Fanick’

12. Mexican Petunia-Lavendar, Ruellia brittonia

13. Red Yucca, Hesperaloe parviflora

14. Tropical Milkweed,  Asclepias curassavica

15. Jewels of  Opar, Talinum paniculatum

16. Autumn Sage , Salvia gregii ‘Navajo Rose’

17. Mealy Cup Sage, Salvia farinacea ‘Victoria’

17. Zexmenia, Wedelia texana

18. Butterfly Rose, Rosa chinensis ‘Mutablis’

19. Desert Willow, Chilopsis linearis

20. Rock Rose, Pavonia lasiopetala

21. Black and Blue Salvia, Salvia guaranitica ‘Sapphire Blue’


A Summer’s Day

Take a close up view of these easy flowering plants for a sunny, summer garden.  Our Entry Garden is full of drought tolerant plants that fulfill the goal of being part of the non picky plant’s brigade.  Hooray for the plants that do it all for you and request so little water in return!  

Woolly Stemodia– a dependable, ground hugging stalwart. 

 Wooly Stemodia with a little blue bloom


Butterfly Weed– a nectar source for butterflies.

Butterfly Weed


Desert Willow-seductive, trumpet-shaped  blooms for hummingbirds.

Desert Willow magenta blooms


 Periwinkles-the Cora variety is disease resistant,  loves the heat  and has a more uniform habit  than other periwinkles. It looks great all season and into fall. Many colors to try!

Periwinkles in front of stick verbena, zexmenia, and cosmos


Abeilia-foliage with a punch, this is the Frances Mason variety. The leaves turn from several  colors of yellow to a coppery color in the fall.

Abielia foliage with white bloom


Avoiding Picky Plants


My refrigerator is filled with open cans of cat food, one spoonful taken out, each encased neatly in a sandwich bag.  Offerings to a sick—now well—cat.  Each refused.

Black and White Cat

Adopted kittens should come with a warning label: once you offer the smelly, canned stuff, they’ll starve themselves before eating dry kibble.  Charlie was perfectly chipper, although on the skinny side, before her yearly checkup and shots.  Then, two days later, the dish with dry kibble was untouched. 

A flurry of vet visits, calls, pokes, and blood tests, always with a flashing credit card, ensued.  She still wouldn’t touch the dry kibble, but thought she might be able to bring herself to tuck into the $2.50 a can vet variety of Good Stuff.

She started again to eat and over a matter of days felt Much Better. 

Then this morning with reasons known only to cats, the $2.50 Good Stuff didn’t look appetizing anymore.  Only the cat food from the pet store would do–which we were out of.

But this is it.  My final trip to the Pet Store for canned cat food.  You black-and-white-adorable-shorthaired-domestic-tuxedo cat have got to again embrace Kibble. Food in a bowl, dump it in in the morning and have at it.

Which brings me to Picky Plants.  I simply must stop this swooning at the plant nursery.  Take me home, whispers a maidenhair fern.  All I require is perfect soil and constant moisture.

Some very organized people have—and actually keep notes in—a garden journal.  Mine would be filled with Did I Really Fall for That Again? plants.

Since working at the Earth-Kind®/WaterWise Demonstration Garden, my plant choices have gotten more savvy.

Need a splash of blue in my landscape? Look to Henry Duelberg or Indigo Spires Sage found in the Wildlife Habitat Garden. 

Salvia Blue Spires Blooming at the Demonstration Garden

Or lovely roses that bloom profusely and rarely get blackspot? Belinda’s Dream, Maggie, Perle d’Or, or La Marne fill the Rose Trellis Garden.

Earth Kind Rose Maggie Blooming in a Dallas Garden

Or a fun little fern that will love the dry shade under my huge red oak?

Wavy cloak fern is thriving in the Shade Garden.

The Demonstration Garden is a wonderful source of plant ideas. It’s filled with more than 70 trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, and roses perfect for low-water yards in North Central Texas.  Come visit us!


Get To Know Us

We are the Dallas County Master Gardeners at the Earth Kind® WaterWise Demonstration Garden on Joe Field Road. We hope you will get to know us and plan a visit to our gardens. 

We love compost and work hard at it.  Cindy, Sue, and Roger are adding green material to our compost bins. Believe me, our compost smells good. Roger is wearing the mask to reduce exposure to allergens.  Come take a whiff-we promise!

Master Gardeners Working with Compost

Adding green material to the compost bins at the Demonstration Garden

Planting those onions mentioned in the “Farm to Table” menu.

Planting Onions-January 2012

Onion Planting in January 2012

Jim adding drip irrigation to one of our raised beds.  If he can’t do it, nobody can!

Adding drip irrigation to a raised vegetable bed

“Cares melt when you kneel in your garden!”

Dallas County Master Gardeners at work, weeding in the Demonstration Garden

Our New Blog

 Looking Down the Path to our Garden


Hello,  and welcome to the new blog for the Earth Kind® WaterWise Demonstration Garden on Joe Field Road. We have changed our name, but not our mission.  You may have known us formerly as the Bloomin’ Blog on Joe Field Road, we can now be found as  You can help us by subscribing to our blog and passing our name along to others.

Though we are changing our web address to, you will find the same gardening advice and love of gardening. Our physical address has not changed. The  Earth Kind® Water Wise Demonstration Garden is located at 2311 Joe Field Road, Dallas, Texas 75229 in the heart of the Northwest industrial  area of Dallas near Royal Lane and Stemmons Freeway.

Drop in on a Tuesday morning or contact us for an appointment.  Even better, bring a group for a field trip to our gardens.  We would love for you to see our gardens.

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