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A Summer’s Day

Take a close up view of these easy flowering plants for a sunny, summer garden.  Our Entry Garden is full of drought tolerant plants that fulfill the goal of being part of the non picky plant’s brigade.  Hooray for the plants that do it all for you and request so little water in return!  

Woolly Stemodia– a dependable, ground hugging stalwart. 

 Wooly Stemodia with a little blue bloom


Butterfly Weed– a nectar source for butterflies.

Butterfly Weed


Desert Willow-seductive, trumpet-shaped  blooms for hummingbirds.

Desert Willow magenta blooms


 Periwinkles-the Cora variety is disease resistant,  loves the heat  and has a more uniform habit  than other periwinkles. It looks great all season and into fall. Many colors to try!

Periwinkles in front of stick verbena, zexmenia, and cosmos


Abeilia-foliage with a punch, this is the Frances Mason variety. The leaves turn from several  colors of yellow to a coppery color in the fall.

Abielia foliage with white bloom


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Dallas County Master Gardeners growing and sharing from The Raincatcher's Garden.

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  1. This weekend I was watching my lavendar, it is so amazing how many types of bees, butterflys and moths come and visit this plant.
    Please visit our site: or our blog

    • Thank you for introducing Dallas Garden Buzz to your website and blog. I see we share a love for good food using fresh veggies and a love of lavendar! Let’s stay in touch! Dallas Garden Buzz


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