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Onion Planting at The Raincatcher’s Garden, 2017

It’s January and time to plant onion sets! Onion sets can be purchased at your local garden center. Sets are immature bulbs that were started from seed the previous year. The seed are sown closely so that they stay small and then pulled when they are about a half an inch round. Onion sets are inexpensive and contain about 75 onions. At Raincatcher’s we are planting Red Creole, Early White, and Super Sweet. Next week- Lancelot Leeks.

Dallas Garden Buzz is loaded with onion stories and recipes. Type onion in the search box to catch up on alliums!

Video by Starla Willis

Onion Planting by Dorothy Shockley

Ann Lamb

And did you know…

Thank you from The Raincatcher’s Garden of Midway Hills!

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Dallas County Master Gardeners growing and sharing from The Raincatcher's Garden.

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  1. Do you all grow the Lancelot Leeks yourself? Or did you purchase locally, and if so, where? I would like to put some in my school garden. Thanks!


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