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Artichokes, Aphids, and Groceries At Raincatcher’s Garden

Root around our garden this spring and you will find groceries growing like crazy.

Here’s what is planted in some of our beds.

Raised Beds:

Bed 2-Sungold, Purple Cherokee, Sugary Hybrid, Celebrity, Marianna’s Peace Tomatoes and Carmen Sweet Peppers

Bed 3-Red and Green Lettuces and Onions

Bed 8-Potatoes and Clemson Spineless Okra

Bed-9 Artichokes, Gourmet Blend Beets, and  Sugar Snap Peas

Other Beds-variety of vegetables planted by and grown for our visiting school kids

In Ground Veggie Bed-Celebrity Tomatoes, Giant Jalapeño, Habanero Pepper, Ichiban Eggplant, and Black Beauty

May I recommend the Sugar Snap Peas for munching straight off the vine!

Sugar Snap Peas at The Raincatcher's Garden

Sugar Snap Peas at The Raincatcher’s Garden

Aphids and Ladybugs are also eating their way through our garden. Ladybugs  seem to be winning as explained in this video:


Video by Starla

Artichokes by Dorothy

Oh, and if you have an answer to Dorothy’s question about stink bugs, please leave your answer in the comments section below.

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Dallas County Master Gardeners growing and sharing from The Raincatcher's Garden.

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