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Beets And Turnips From A Dallas Garden

When my husband called tonight and asked “what’s for dinner”, I said “beets”. Silence ensued. What he didn’t know was that a stampede almost took place in the garden today when we were harvesting our turnips and beets.  Our Dallas County Master Gardeners know eating your vegetables is not only good for you, it is downright tasty. 

Beets And Turnips Harvested At The Demonstration Garden

Turnips can be mashed like potatoes or used in gratins, couscous, or  frittatas.

Tokyo Cross Hybrid Turnips Grown At The Demonstration Garden

Tired of pickled beets?  Try a beet cocktail for something different.  Eat the tops of both of these vegetables for an extra nutrition boost.

Burpee Golden Beets

 Aside from the enthusiasm over our harvest, the most astonishing thing was that just six weeks ago we were planting these crops by seed.  We planted Purple Topped and White Tokyo HyBrid Turnips, Detroit Dark Red Beets and Burpee’s Golden.  We are hoping for a repeat performance when it is time to plant beets and turnips again February 1.

All the talk was of dinner when we left the garden today and I knew each pot would hold some of our harvest.  We had Beets and Beet Greens with Maple Walnuts. Now he’s talking!


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