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Learn the Square Foot Gardening Concept

Rain or Shine, Come to our Square Foot Gardening Class, Tuesday, February 23 at 11am

at The Raincatcher’s Garden of Midway Hills


Taught by Stephen Hudkins, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension, Dallas County Master Gardener Coordinator.

We will meet in the Vegetable Patch. If raining, go to Fellowship Hall.


Address: 11001 Midway Road, Dallas, Texas, 75229

Public Welcome, Master Gardeners can receive education credit.


Brussels Sprouts

Brussesl sprouts are an acquired taste.  Hardly anyone under 12, puts  them on their plate. But taste buds change and recipes for Brussels sprouts salads, soups, and au gratin direct us to digest this nutritious crop.

Brussels sprouts planted in the fall at The Raincatcher's Garden

Brussels sprouts at The Raincatcher’s Garden

In Texas we plant Brussels sprouts in the fall. Brussels sprouts like cold weather. It’s a long season crop with 90 days to maturity from transplants and 100-110 days from seed.

Would you like to grow better Brussels sprouts?  Dorothy has a gardening tip:

video by Starla


Education Opportunities at The Raincatcher’s Garden of Midway Hills

Square Foot Gardening  by Stephen Hudkins, Tuesday, February 23rd at 11am in the Vegetable Patch.

Rain Garden Installation by Dr. Jaber and Dr. Woodson, Tuesday, March 1st at 9am, Fellowship Hall.

All welcome, Master Gardeners can receive education credit. Leave a comment if you need more information.



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