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Larkspur Deconstructed

We have had Larkspur blooming in our garden since April.  It is a cool season, self seeding annual. Another words throw down your seeds in the fall and expect blooms the following spring.   Like Love in the Mist

Larkspur and  some Dallas County Master Gardeners

When the flowers begin to fade and seed pods turn to papery brown, you can either leave the flower stalks to drop more  seeds  and/or you can harvest them so you have a stash to share.  We have plenty, so we will share, thank you.

Larkspur Stalks With Seeds

Jackie, a Master Gardener and  seed saving expert, suggests turning the stalks upside down in a paper bag to let them settle at the bottom of the bag.  We are doing this at the Demonstration Garden and will sort out the seeds  and package them later this summer.

  I am trying this at home, using a metal trash can for the seed collection.Larkspur Seed Saving Process

Swedish Proverb:

“All the flowers of all the tomorrows are in the seeds of today.”

Larkspur Seeds


Love In The Mist, Nigella damascena

Love In The Mist At The Demonstration Garden on Joe Field RoadSome cottage garden favorites just do not work for us. Towering foxgloves just rarely tower, but Love in the Mist that’s a happier story.

Love In The Mist Blooming In April In Dallas

It’s true it doesn’t care for heat but still it loves spring here and adds a pretty airy charm to the early garden.  Its easy care as long as you remember Love in the Mist doesn’t like heat.  So the seeds are best planted in fall or early winter;  the plants establish themselves over the dreary months and then grow amazingly fast and start to bloom when warm days arrive.  The flowers are in shades of blue as well as pink and white  with fine foliage that is a treat in itself. When flowering is done, the seed pods form. 

Seed Pod Of Love In The Mist

Remember,self seeding annual, means you have to allow the seed pods to become mature but in this case it’s really an added bonus as the pods are intricate stripped balloons that add interest to the flower bed and can be saved for arrangements as well. Just be sure that some seeds fall to the ground. It’s the circle of life right there in your garden; the seeds will find their way and when winter comes they start to grow  and soon…


Pictures by Starla and Ann

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