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Harvest Lunch Grilled Vegetables


Grilling these fresh vegetables couldn’t be easier!


Fresh vegetables of your choice (zucchini, onions, tomatoes, yellow squash, red peppers, and green peppers)

Olive oil

1 (1 ounce) packet dry Italian dressing mix


1.  Wash and dry all your vegetables.  Cut into large bite-size pieces.

2.  Take two pieces of heavy-duty aluminum foil that are each about 20” long.

Lay one on top of the other perpendicularly, so that they make an “X”.

3.  Fold up all the edges so that you create a little “bowl” shape.

4.  Place chopped vegetables in the aluminum foil bowl and spread them out.  Try to have just a single layer of vegetables, if possible; or make 2 or 3 “bowls” so that all the vegetables are evenly cooked.

5.  Drizzle the vegetables with olive oil (just a couple of tablespoons, depending on how many vegetables you use) and pour the powdered dressing mix on top of the vegetables.  Mix all together until the vegetables are evenly covered with oil and dressing mix.

6.  Place the foil bowl of vegetables on a grill on medium heat.  Grill for 10-15 minutes

(depending on how “crunchy” you like them to be), stirring occasionally to make sure they are all cooking evenly.

7.  Remove from grill when finished and enjoy!


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