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My Garden Journey

In my first five years as a Dallas County Master Gardener (class of 2011), I have learned and experienced so much from working at our demonstration gardens; however, I had never attempted growing vegetables at home except in pots until this past fall when I saw sunlight streaming in a section of the backyard after a tree had been removed.

So this new adventure began – raised beds were found, plants were purchased and the garden grew – well some of it grew…

Brocolli by StarlaBroccoli and cabbage went in first along with a few herbs, followed by lettuce and arugula in October. I had some success with broccoli, but not so much with the cabbage, lettuce or arugula ( they bolted). Radishes and carrots were planted from seeds. After the first of the year onions were added and then potatoes came and went (I had the wrong soil, so they never sprouted).  There was minimal success with the radishes (not properly thinned), but the carrots – I waited, looking for a glimpse of the carrots(roots)? under the leafy tops — until right before Mother’s day, and then I pulled them. Once again the results were mixed;  I had a range of carrots from 1/4 inch to over 6-7 inches long  and counted 26 of the prettiest multicolored carrots I have ever grown.

Homegrown Carrots

Homegrown Carrots

This summer I’m trying things that we will eat as a family – tomatoes, peas, green beans , peppers. I have a space for cucumbers with hopes to make pickles like my family put up years ago.  My beds are few in number but just right for my learning curve. You can take this journey. it takes some planning, a little time and patience, but is well worth the effort.

Here are a few of the things I’ve gleaned from my raised beds:

  • Gardening with a group of people brings a broader depth of expertise
  • Information—ask questions, listen and apply–repeat.
  • Realize early on that everything won’t go according to plans. Don’t dwell on failures, but learn from them  — water properly, use the correct soil, compost, mulch, weed…
  • Celebrate success, no matter how small–they are victories!
  • Try new things, take notes (my garden journal currently has one entry, several months back, but there is value in the process)
  • Trial and error is another way of learning
  • Share your story, your experience, and the fruit of your labor —
  • Enjoy the adventure!



A Letter To Mom After A Field Trip To The Garden

Dear Mom,

Our wonderful first grade teachers of Grace Academy took us on a field trip to a garden.  And not just any garden, this garden and Dallas County Master Gardeners  taught us about flowers, herbs, vegetables, and two kinds of composting. Mrs. Medina and Mrs. Metheny of Grace Academy, Dallas, Texas

We made garden journals and recorded what we were learning in the garden that day.

Garden Journals at The Demonstration Garden,2311 Joe Field Road, Dallas

We learned the language of flowers and made tussie mussies.

Grace Academy Student with Tussie Mussie

Tussie Mussies and First Graders Visit the Garden with Dallas County Master Gardeners

Thank you, Mom, for all you have done for me.  Happy Mother’s Day!

Can we go back to that Demonstration Garden on Joe Field Road soon?


From Your First Grader


Written through the eyes of  the children on our field trip Tuesday by Ann.

Hope you don’t mind!

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