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Have you ever seen a butterfly laying an egg?

Thanks to our own intrepid photographer, Starla, for capturing a rare picture of a butterfly laying an egg.

Black swallowtail butterfly laying an egg on fennel

And here’s the egg-

Look for the creamy yellow egg located on the lower right of the picture

*Eggs are laid singly on the host plants—usually on new foliage and occasionally on flowers. Development time is variable depending on temperature and host plant species, but generally the egg stage lasts four to nine days, the larval stage 10–30 days, and the pupal stage nine to 18 days.


Ann Lamb

Picture by Starla Willis


Study up on our butterfly garden by looking at the right hand side of the front page of Dallas Garden Buzz under Raincatcher’s Resources for a list of hummingbird and butterfly plants or type butterfly in our search box for a host of articles on butterflies.


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  1. What an amazing photograph!

  2. Yes, I have seen butterflies laying eggs and I have at least 1 photo of a Gulf Fritillary butterfly laying eggs on my passionflower vine

  3. Great photos! Go to my blog Butterfly Garden at to see my pics of a Gulf Fritillary Butterfly laying eggs and a up close view of 1 of the eggs. Just search for laying eggs to find the posts. I live in Allen, Tx.

  4. I want to tell you how much I love your blog. The information you provided on the plant lists for butterfly/hummingbird gardens is wonderful education for our community. You have so much information to give to gardeners. Thank you!!

  5. Zandra, thank you. it’s so nice to hear comments from our readers. The plant lists were created by Elizabeth Wilkinson and like you, we all appreciate the info!


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