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Fall is here, 2015!

October is here and we’ve been fortunate to have  some sunny days, cooler weather, and an opportunity to garden at Raincatcher’s.  It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since we moved from our Joe Field location.

We are blessed to be able to partner with Midway Hills Christian Church. The winter was filled with planning, building, composting and planting trees.

Spring brought much-needed and bountiful rain and the beginnings of our gardens, the transition of the courtyard,  as well as some opportunities to cook for others and share our new location.  

Summer came and the rain slowed, but our plantings were starting to take root and we have had our first harvests. So now it’s Fall, and it feels like Fall  with the buzzing of bees, the flutter of butterflies, the chatter of students on field trips,  and vegetable crops transitioning from summer to winter.

Episcopal School of Dallas field trip studying pumpkins

Episcopal School of Dallas field trip studying pumpkins

The demonstration grasses are coming through, the wildflowers have been prepared and planted and we are setting up the color wheel and planning for the “Under the Powerline” possibilities.  

The Color Wheel is Beginning to Take Shape

The Color Wheel is Beginning to Take Shape

The monumental task of the irrigation is almost complete and the water tanks have arrived and will be installed next week.  Oh what a busy year it has been; many hours have been logged by the Master Gardeners who call Raincatcher’s home.

 I wanted to take time to thank the amazing leadership team who has made this happen in one short year, (or at times very long). Your leadership has inspired us to dream big and then plan to make it a reality, to not be afraid to ask, to join with others in the community, and to share our gifts.  

The teamwork of all who work at this garden has been phenomenal.  We all have had opportunities to be challenged to make this the best demonstration garden that we can offer to the residents of Dallas County.

Starla's Serendipitous Ladybug Picture

Starla’s Serendipitous Ladybug Picture

 The ladybug nailed it!  We love Raincatcher’s Garden of Midway Hills.  Come and see what’s going on for yourself.


Details about our Rainwater Harvesting Class on Thursday morning, October 15th will be on the blog tomorrow.


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