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Lakota Squash, An Heirloom Vegetable For Fall Gardens

Lakota Squash Planted In  Early August

Lakota squash is one of the winter storage types of squash. It’s a medium sized,  pear-shaped squash, weighing an average of about seven pounds. The outer shell is hard with interior flesh a golden yellow. The flavor is nutty and sweet. The Lakota squash derives its name from the Lakota Tribe of the Sioux Indians who prized this hardy winter squash for cooking and baking.   We like to think we are continuing their history by growing it at The Demonstration Garden. 

Store Lakota squash in a cool, dry place for up to three months or more after picking them. Since this is our first time to grow this heirloom vegetable, we may try one of these cooking ideas from Chef Kyle Shadix :

• Purée in food processor with light coconut milk, curry, and freshly minced and sautéed ginger and garlic.
• Add brown sugar, vanilla extract, and toasted walnuts.
• Add maple syrup and toasted almonds.
• Serve mashed with salt and pepper and a touch of real butter.
• Mix with prepared pesto and sprinkle with Parmesan or Pecorino Romano cheese.

Because Lakota Squash is an heirloom variety not a hybrid, the seeds will produce offspring like the parent. Next year we can share the seed and all get a little taste of Sioux history!


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