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Beverly’s Seed Starting Saga

April 5, 2022

It is Spring. I will have my breakdown now.  

Things were going great in my expanded seed starting operation at home. The goal was to start every plant for the north vegetable garden from seed indoors. I admired the strength of teeny seedlings as they pushed through the potting soil. I delighted as true leaves formed. I carefully reapplied vermiculite to the trays to control algae at the first tinge of green.  I loved the camaraderie at our newly donated potting tables as fellow gardeners moved the seedlings from their trays to four inch pots. 

Then…screech….mornings and afternoons became a tiresome slog as I carried each tray of seedlings outdoors to harden off – first in the filtered light of the patio then in the harsh western sun of the backyard.  I increased their sunlight exposure at the agonizingly slow rate of one hour per day.  My family helped.  It was still a daily trial. 

The last week of March my slightly sunburned seedlings and I headed back to the north garden. The volunteer gardeners there placed them into the raised beds with loving care. 

I feel like Jeff Foxworthy might have something to say about a person driving around with 12 dozen tomato seedlings in their car. 

Now I miss them. 

The fellowship of the potting table – Gerry Infantino, George Coelen, Beverly Allen, and Colleen Murray. 

Beverly Allen, Dallas County Master Gardener Class of 2018

Dates to Remember:

Dallas County Master Gardener Spring Tour-April 30 and May 1st

Raincatcher’s Plant Sale-May 19th

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