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Spring is Here!

March 30, 2022

An early poppy

At Raincatcher’s Garden of Midway Hills we feel incredibly thankful for the refreshing sights and sounds of springtime. Walk with us along the garden path and discover the flourishing stages of development: bright green buds on shrubs and trees, tiny shoots of radish and lettuce peeking out of the soil joined by poppies poking out of the walkways while a wave of wildflowers explodes in a colorful display. Allow the sights of vivid greens to soothe you out of the grayness of winter and into the splendid joy of spring.

Linda Alexander

Beverly Allen…Vegetable Garden
After all the winter freezes, it is wonderful to be able to get all the plants we started indoors
from seed into the ground. I’m hoping for bountiful harvests of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers
and eggplant.

Sun Gold Tomato

Fern Brown…Edible Landscape
It’s amazing how a plant can transform in a short period of time. Just a couple of weeks ago, I
thought the asparagus was in plant Heaven but, lo and behold, it is alive and thriving!
Gardening, especially in the spring, is nourishment for the soul, a sign of new beginnings.


Jon Maxwell…Raincatcher’s Garden Leader
I really enjoy and look forward to the return of our families of purple martins. They add such a
spirit of joy and happiness to our gardening activities. They also are a wonderful indication that
the garden is awakening from its winter slumber and that bright, sunny, warm days are just
ahead for us.

The Return of our Purple Martins

Jackie James…Courtyard Garden
“Walking through the courtyard this morning, I was so excited to see a big yellow iris just
starting to bloom. It’s the first iris I have seen this year and I was so happy to catch it blooming
at Raincatcher’s Garden!”

Yellow Iris in the Courtyard

Ann Lamb…Wildflower Area
“Bluebonnet seedlings have sprouted all over the front area of our garden. I think we have the
best and prettiest stand of bluebonnets in North Dallas. This year Indian Paintbrush seeds were
planted in the early fall of 2021.

Bluebonnet seedlings

Dates to Remember:

Dallas County Master Gardener Spring Tour-April 30 and May 1st

Raincatcher’s Plant Sale-May 19th

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