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August Garden Survey

Dallas Garden Buzz asked several other gardeners to give a report about their August gardens. In the next two weeks, we will be posting their stories with information about what worked and what didn’t. Garden plots produce success and failure. Keep trying and learn from these honest accounts!

Sheila Kostelny, a Master Gardener from the class of  gardens at her home in North Dallas.

Sheila, what’s growing in your garden in August.

Sheila’s Sweet Potato Vines


My sweet potato crop was planted with Beauregard starts from last year’s harvest.  My harvest last year yielded a fantastic harvest and I’m hopeful for another.

The bush lima bean has done well this year and the produce is so delicious.  It is still producing.  There was no particular variety for the lima bean.




I planted Kentucky Wonder green pole bean and Henderson bush green bean. They were a total disappointment this year.  I harvested a total of ONE pole bean and maybe 2 handfuls of bush beans.

What was a favorite spring success?

The potatoes were harvested late spring.  These were Red Norland and Yukon Gold.  I had good luck fooling the borers this year.

Sheila’s Potatoes


Fall garden?

I will be planting beets, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, collards, lettuces, mustard, parsley and spinach in the fall.

Sheila Kostelny

Recipes from Fig Fest coming tomorrow.

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