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Freezing Weather Coming…

I talked to Lisa today. She and Jim  were headed to The Raincatcher’s Garden to drain the pipes alongside our cisterns so the pvc wouldn’t crack if we have freezing weather and to make sure all faucets were covered.

Last week our gardeners were busy harvesting green tomatoes, some sugar baby watermelons(one last taste of summer) and herbs that would freeze like thyme, lemon verbena, and lemon balm.  Our basil was already on it’s last legs so only a little bit of it was worth picking.


Here’s some advice  from seasoned gardeners (hohoho)

about preparing home gardens before a freeze.

We were so lucky this time to have had rain because watering before freezes is so important. Buying  frost cloth is a good investment; the little sack like things are useful.  I just put those on two clumps of narcissus that are just about to bloom; it won’t hurt the plants but the blooms could be destroyed.  I think the kale will be fine but covered it just to be safe  of course all tropical have to be inside–and taking a small clump of lemon grass and just putting in the garage will be sure you have some for the next year. Lemon grass usually comes back but is tropical and can freeze.

Pick all vegetables. Green tomatoes usually ripen spread them out single layer–I use plates and put them in back rooms–my kids used to say they couldn’t sleep without green tomatoes on the dresser!


I’ve pulled out all my summer veggies, because I like to avoid the ugly frozen plants.

dorothys-frost-coversBecause I have now acquired 5 citrus trees, I don’t have room to move them in, so I covered them and have a light bulb down in the bottom.





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