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Fall Garden Tour, October 1, Burke Garden


Sherry Burke’s neighbor wasn’t crazy about her chain-link fence. She liked it.  After all, the fence had been around as long as her 1940s bungalow.  Sherry planted passion vine to hide the cyclone fence.  The passion vine brought the Gulf fritillaries, and the butterflies won over the neighbor.  Now the passion vine is taking a run over the garage.

In fact, Sherry’s backyard, filled with perennials, native Texas plants and ornamental grass, is a favorite in this casual Old East Dallas neighborhood. Friends look over the fence to see what’s growing, blooming or fluttering.  Monarchs and hummingbirds migrate through.  Tiny hairstreak butterflies are everywhere.  ‘John Fannick’ phlox blooms, a gift from Tony, Sherry’s manicurist.

You won’t find turfgrass. Not a blade.  “All it does is sit there,” says Sherry.  “I wanted something more interesting.”  And in a garden filled with friends and blooms, who has time to mow?


Click here for full garden tour information.


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  1. I love planting vines on the old hurricane fences! I like the idea of grass just sitting there not being enough!

  2. Thank you Laurin, we agree and hope you will come to the tour on October 1st.

  3. I can’t download the information for the tour and don’t think I can make the meeting tomorrow.  I need two tickets for the tour and have already purchased brunch tickets.  Can you help me?  Ruth Massoth


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