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Radish Reminders and Onions

Sow radish seeds early February through mid- April. We enjoyed them all through fall and winter and now get a second chance. Radishes are perhaps one of the most satisfying crops because they germinate quickly and profusely from seed but don’t forget to thin them! At approximately two weeks old or one inch in height, snip off the leaves and add the tops right into your salad bowl. In fact, you can eat radish tops anytime. They are one of the “root to leaf” crops being touted by American chefs and gardeners.

Above: Stunted Radishes, No Room to Grow

Above: Stunted Radishes, No Room to Grow

A word from Jerry Parsons,  Ph.D., horticulture specialist with the Texas Cooperative Extension in San Antonio:  “Plants require a certain amount of space for optimum root expansion and foliage growth if maximum production is expected.” The key words to understand are “optimum” and “maximum” . Plants limited by space restrictions will produce, but not to the maximum. They will grow, but not in the optimum condition. This is true for those vegetables which need space to physically expand (the radish, turnip, onion bulb) as well as all vegetables which need the intensity of sunlight to energize the chlorophyll of cells to insure optimum functioning of plant processes and, consequently, maximum production.”

Radishes from our Garden, Properly Thinned

Radishes from our Garden, Properly Thinned

Onions-you have probably already planted them or are “fixin” to get them into the ground.

Above: Onion Sets Ready to be Planted

Above: Onion Sets Ready to be Planted

Remember to allow space for them to grow. Judge this by the expected size of the variety you are planting.

For example, green onions need less space than the larger bulbs of 1015Y onions. Spring is coming! Here’s what you can look forward to as an onion grower.

No worries about how to eat these crops. The Dallas County Master Gardener Cookbook, A Year On The Plate, will have plenty of recipes. (Publishing Date To Be Determined) But just like spring, it’s coming!

Onion Planting Advice : The Lowly Onion


Pictures and Video by Starla

Oh, oh, oh and don’t forget National Seed Swap Day at Preston Forest, Whole Foods Market today from 12-4.

Master Gardeners  will be there with seed activities and seeds to give away.

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