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Rudbeckia Nitida ‘ Herbstonne’

Dallas County Master Gardeners and our visitors have been admiring a statuesque green-eyed coneflower in our garden all through July. And why shouldn’t they? Rudbeckia Nitida ‘Herbstonne’ is no slouch. It stands 4 feet tall featuring large daisy like flowers  that surround  a green cone. Even its foliage is arresting with rich green, deeply cut leaves at its base. Stunning!

Large Coneflower at the Demonstration GardenWith a good deadheading after the first bloom, it will flower all through the fall.

Looking up Through Rudbeckia HerbstonneStand and gaze at it, after  finishing garden chores, of course. You may be in line with the bees and butterflies who adore it.

Another View of Rudbeckia HerbstonneThis perennial appreciates  full sun and well drained soil in a Water Wise Garden.


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