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More About February Garden Chores

Garden chores never really stop just because it’s winter.  Even though the garden “sleeps” during these colder months, there’s always something to do – trimming frost-bitten plants, removing those that have been winter-killed, composting, mulching – the list of chores go on.  For the volunteers at the Demonstration Garden, January and February have us looking forward to the Spring garden – what should we plant, when is the best time to plant, what do we need to do to get ready? 

 ILPS Students Preparing Vegetable Beds For Spring

Independence Life Preparatory School students Myron and Bradley worked in one of the many raised beds to thin out fava beans which they planted a month ago.  Ever the recyclers, rather than composting, they potted up the 12 plants they removed for transplanting.  Myron added a wheelbarrow load of compost, then, he & Bradley prepped the entire 4’x 12′ raised bed for planting bush beans next month.   

Bradley couldn’t think of a better place to take a break than to sit on the edge of the raised bed he’d so carefully tended.  On a beautiful sunny February day, who could ask for more?

Student Helper At The Demonstration Garden on Joe Field Road


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  1. Linda S. Steinberg, MG

    Yes, we need to start planning for our early spring garden, before it gets really hot. Thanks so much for this reminder.


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