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Fall At The Demonstration Garden

This fall we have been busy preparing new garden areas.  Aadil Khambati built this arbor as part of his Eagle Scout project.  Our Master Gardeners are planting ornamental grasses to rim the walk circling The Color Wheel. We love working in the cooler fall weather and our plants  thank us for giving them a better start before summer’s high temperatures hit!

New Arbor Leading Into The Raincatcher's Garden, Susan, Jan, Abbe, Hans

As you walk through the new arbor, you will see The Color Wheel  blooming  riotously. This was planted in late spring to give gardener’s ideas for color contrasts and harmonies in their own gardens.  Don’t we all wish for the “eye of an artist” in our gardens?  Start here at our garden and learn the principles of the color wheel.

The Blues Of The Color Wheel, Salvia leucantha, Salvia farinacea, Purple Heart Next Door

Examine the reds of our color wheel. Are you pulled towards exciting, warm colors?  Lisa has planted several red Salvias, Lantana, and even Mexican Poinsettia with splashes of an orangey red on green leaves. 

Dallas Red Lantana, Salvia, Canna, Rosemary In The Background

At the Earth-Kind® WaterWise Demonstration Garden on Joe Field Road we are making the most of Fall Gardening in Texas!

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