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A September Garden Field Trip

Our Garden is certified as a Wildlife Habitat. When  children are interested in  nature; they  learn about protecting habitats and become engaged with their environment.  Being outside in an area that provides food, water, and cover for wildlife, gives them the chance to observe frogs, fish, rabbits, birds, butterflies,  dragonflies, and the occasional visit from our Mr.Cottontail. 

Teaching In The Wildlife Habitat At The Demonstration Garden

We teach the virtues of vermicomposting.  Red wriggler worms easily hold the attention of these students. 

Vermicomposting Taught By Dallas County Master Gardeners For Kids

Kids that visit our gardens like to take home something they can grow.  The Grace Academy kids learned about seeds and planted them in  “Root Viewers”, made out of  recycled rinsed out milk cartons with a plastic window made of tape.

Gardening With Grace Academy Kids

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