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Tomato Tips


Celebrity Tomato Recentyl Planted in the Fall Vegtable Garden

We plant  tomatoes in the vegetable area of the Earth-Kind® Demonstration Garden.

Here are some tomato musts:

  • Be sure that your site has full sun, at least 6-8 hours a day. 
  • Plant a variety that grows well in the Dallas area, like Celebrity, Roma, or Sweet 100.  Heirlooms are also delicious, but trickier to grow. 
  • Use a rich soil full of aged compost. At the Demonstration Garden we use the Earth Kind® Bed Preparation.  Mulch to keep down weeds and retain moisture. 
  • Spray weekly with fish emulsion to repel spider mites and fertilize your plants.
  • Plant your spring tomatoes in early March, being prepared to cover young plants if a freeze threatens.  Fall tomatoes can be planted in early July.
  • Provide a structure to hold the tomato plant, such as a large cage or wire.  Tomato stems are brittle and will break without support.
  • Give regular water with drip irrigation or a soaker hose.

We don’t fertilize at the Demonstration Garden; if you want to feed your plants, use a slow release organic fertilizer.

If you have more tomatoes than you can give away, core them and freeze them whole in freezer storage bags for later use in sauces.  Freezing preserves tomato flavor better than canning.


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