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Cycle and Soak Irrigation

May 2015 was the wettest single month on record in Texas. June followed with almost 4 inches of rain. But now things are heating up and you may be thinking it’s time to water your grass.

Here’s advice from Texas A&M: “Rather than watering on the same schedule each week, adjust your watering schedule according to the weather. Irrigate deeply. Then wait until the grass begins to show signs of drought stress before watering again. Symptoms of drought stress include grass leaves turning a dull, bluish color, leaf blades rolling or folding, and footprints that remain in the grass after walking across the lawn. To time watering properly, look for the area of the lawn that shows water stress first. Water the entire lawn when that area begins to show symptoms.”

When it’s time to water, use the cycle and soak irrigation method as described by Dr. Dotty Woodson.





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