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Night Walks

 In Dallas, our afternoons are best spent inside under a cooling fan.  Outside, the June sun sears our gardens.  I find myself planting Mexican sunflower outside my window to catch glimpses of its brilliant orange flowers through the glass. 

But summer gives us a delightful hour to enjoy the garden.  The sun, spent from its day, sinks to the horizon, and dusky twilight beacons us to leave the dinner dishes in the sink and treat ourselves to time outside.  A breeze cools us, drifting up from the creek below the hill.  Colors of the flowers are richer without the bleaching sun’s rays.  Tomatoes have soaked up the sweetness of the day and wait to be picked and nestled in the tucked edge of a t-shirt. 

The just opened George Bush Library in Dallas is surrounded by a lovely landscape of Texas native plants.  Ann photographed this coneflower and the summer moon on the evening of the summer solstice, the longest day of the year. 

Purple Coneflower at The George W. Bush Library


Picture by Ann

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