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Some of our sales from last year

The inbox is full of dates we dare not miss.  BUT this is the real thing:  RAINCATCHER’s PLANT sale is coming.  It’s May 19th from 10am-3pm and you really don’t want to miss it

Raincatcher’s gardens are special and the sale is too.  It is a chance to buy plants grown right here not brought from greenhouses or plant farms miles away.  These are the plants that did well.  That could be divided and passed along.  Conditions here are tough—only the strong survive and thrive—and those are the plants you will find at the sale.  There will be plants from the gardens around you as you shop and plants grown by the friendly gardeners that will help you pick the ones that will work for you.  Raincatchers is not just one thing—its large and diverse with sun, and shade veg and herbs plants for pollinators and plants just because they are lovely.  

Every garden should have a bit of fun and you will find that too—maybe just the pot you never knew you had to have or a piece of garden art for the finishing touch.  One of a kind things—to inspire the thrill of the hunt.

Of course it’s a fund raiser for the gardens—but its more RAincatchers goal is to spread the love of gardening and the sale is an important part of that.  The gardeners that will assist you really want you to find things that will work for you will make you happy and brighten your part of the world.

So —save the date May 19th.   We will see you soon.

Plant sale 2021

Susan Thornbury, Dallas County Master Gardener, Class of 2008

Pictures by Starla Willis, Dallas County Master Gardener Class of 2011

Plant Sales and Church Potluck Dinners


If you think about it, a plant sale is a lot like a church potluck dinner.  You never know what you’re going to have, the good stuff goes fast, and you get to try new things.  And it’s all homemade, except for the tubs of fried chicken.

Our Sarah outdid herself organizing the Demonstration Garden’s annual plant sale on May 22, held each spring when the Demonstration Garden volunteers host the Master Gardener monthly meeting.  The speakers giving announcements didn’t start until 11:30 a.m., but the early birds were scrambling long before that for the best deals.

Plant sale cashiers

And what deals they found: About 33 bright cardstock plant tags in Elizabeth’s calligraphy hovered over the “Have to Have It Plants” like Purple Coneflower, Lyre Leaf Sage, and White Autumn Clematis.  “Garden Standbys” like Rock Rose and Red Yucca enticed shoppers.  And then there were the “You Don’t Find That Very Often Plants” including horseradish, Jewel of Opar, and Rose Campion.

Plant sale sign

Of course, garden advice was dished out with each purchase.  Want hummingbirds?  Flame Acanthus must be in your basket.  Malabar spinach? Well, it’s sort of like spinach, but it will take hot weather.

Now you don’t just decide to have a plant sale the week before.  This is a multi-month process for our Sarah to keep up with.  In March, eager plants are divided and seeds started.  Then nursemaids take these little guys home to pamper them.  Gardeners also raid their own yards for contributions. We even had many lovely plants donated by a friend of the Demonstration Garden, Master Gardener Margaret Burnette.  Then there’s the “I Don’t Know Exactly What’s Coming In” factor, as Sarah was inundated days before the sale with last minute “I’m Bringing….” emails.

This was a Plant Sale with added attractions.  Shoppers could also bring home some of the Demonstration Garden’s magical compost or worm castings.  Cindy has the knack of coaxing compost out of a mound of clippings and leaves, and shoppers knew to stock up.

Dallas County Master Gardener with Plant Sale Specimens

Dallas County Master Gardener with Plant Sale Specimens

It’s a year until the 2015 Demonstration Garden Plant Sale Extravaganza, and I’m already making my shopping list.


Pictures by Starla

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