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Why Fall Is For Planting

A Fall View of The Raincatcher’s Garden

Fall in Texas is a relief. The air is cooler, welcome rains return and the searing temperatures of summer that last into the night dissipate. It is also a time for planting. 

Fall is the best time to get ready for next year’s growing season. The cooler air and warm soil temperatures are ideal for establishing new transplants. Trees, shrubs and perennials planted in fall, develop strong roots and continue to grow through our mild winters and thus, are more established when hot summer weather arrives.

If you choose to plant in the fall, your perennials will bloom more profusely the following spring than spring plantings. This head start will help new plants take off earlier and more vigorously and be in better shape to face the challenging conditions of our summers.

Timing is everything. Hopefully, you are ready to dig!

Ann Lamb, Dallas County Master Gardener Class of 2005

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