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A Dallas Vegetable Garden

Starla and I have been photographing Dallas County Master Gardener’s vegetable gardens for the Dallas County Master Gardener cookbook, A Year on the Plate. We want to include photos of a few vegetable gardens because the emphasis of the cookbook is seasonal and fresh garden recipes combined with vegetable garden expertise.  Don’t worry we also promise plenty of tantalizing “foodie” type photos.

We visited Patti and her 8×8 garden this week.

Onions, Tomatoes, Herbs, Cucumber, and Flourish in Patti's Garden

Onions, Tomatoes, Herbs, Cucumber, and Melons Flourish in Patti’s Garden

Garden success starts with compost.  When Patti’s husband, Rob, rebuilt their compost bin, he chose to upgrade to Redwood.  They used 1/4 inch fine mesh screen for extra protection against critters.

If you think it looks like tomatoes are growing in their compost bin, you are correct. Sometimes compost piles are less active but warm enough to start germination.

Compost Bin Of Redwood and Small Mesh Screening

Compost Bin Of Redwood and Fine Mesh Screening

Starla and I asked Rob to be in our video, he demurred saying “No, Patti’s the garden girl.” So  let’s hear from THE GARDEN GIRL:


Video by Starla



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