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Winter at Raincatcher’s

Green and Red Mustard Greens at The Raincatcher's Garden of Midway Hills

Green and Red Mustard Greens at The Raincatcher’s Garden of Midway Hills

If you have been eating your way through the garden this winter, no doubt you are acquainted with the  brassica family.  Members of this family include arugula, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, kale, rutabaga, turnips, radishes, collard greens and mustard greens. They are cool season vegetables, planted in the fall in Dallas, Texas and harvested all through our mild winter.

Right now I am smacking my lips thinking of the cauliflower picked and  prepared at Linda’s yesterday. The recipe will be in our new Master Gardener cookbook, A Year on the Plate, which we hope, hope, hope to publish this year.

Along with harvesting and enjoying winter veggies, you should be planting onions now.  Onion planting instructions and recipes are all through our blog. You can’t escape them.


Pictures by Starla

What’s coming up in 2016?

Seed Swap Day at Whole Foods at Preston Forest, January 30

More information about our cookbook, A Year on the Plate.

A how-to video about braiding onions so you will remember to get yours planted right away














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  1. Seed Swap Day is at the Whole Foods Market on Preston/Forest from 12-4pm on Saturday, January 30 … National Seed Swap Day! Bring your leftover seeds and gardening publications to give or swap with other new or expert gardeners.


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