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Moving Asparagus

If your house caught on fire, you might have thought about which prized possessions you would grab on your way out. What would it be: a photo album, childhood memoir, or book?

What if you had to leave your 9 year old garden in a rush?  We had to do that very thing.

For sure our asparagus plants needed to be moved to our new location. Two or three years ago we had planted two packages of scrawny looking asparagus crowns in a trench.  They looked dead and we didn’t think they would come up, but in a miraculous way they thrived!

Now we had to hurry to bring these very same asparagus plants to our new garden. Hastily the digging began!

 Asparagus Roots

Asparagus Roots

The roots had grown to gargantuan proportions. Even that didn’t stop us and we got a little silly about it!

Kim, Sue, Ann, and our Saved Asparagus Roots

Kim, Sue, Ann, and our Saved Asparagus Roots

We picture our asparagus flourishing in our new garden at Midway Hills as a sort of Asparagus Lane at the entrance to our new vegetable garden. And why not; asparagus is a perennial vegetable and really pretty throughout the year except after the first freeze when you cut it back.

There’s nothing finer than Asparagus from your very own garden.

Close up of Asparagus Shoots

Close up of Asparagus Shoots

So, dear friends, we will be talking hopefully about fresh asparagus this spring.

I am just glad we got ours out in time!


Pictures by Starla and Kim

More notes on Asparagus tomorrow.


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