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Cantaloupe Harvest

Most of us  believe you reap what you sow. We diligently follow  gardening advice and planting dates, prepare the soil, pray for rain, and then we hope!   This year we are enjoying a bounty of cantaloupes; 17 have been counted in one of our  raised beds.  Last year we had what Jim refers to as “insect activity” and not many cantaloupes.

Cantaloupe in the Garden

The variety we planted is Ambrosia.  If you will look on the right hand side of our blog, you will find our Garden Journal with all the details of our veggie gardening.

The Joys and sorrows of our garden experiment are recorded there.

The Cantaloupe was planted May 26th and will be eaten all through August.  When all the Cantaloupe is gone, Jim says we will be planting bush beans.

As summer wanes and we look forward to a drop in temperature, the gardeners at our Demonstration Garden are happy to  indulge in the sweetness of homegrown cantaloupe. More Fall gardening info right here.

Cantaloupe ripe and ready to eat


Pictures by Starla

For Aggie Horticulture Cantaloupe advice: click  here.

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