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Vegetable Planting in January

1015Y  Texas SuperSweet Onions planted January 8, At The Demonstration Garden

Brrr…it has been cold in Dallas, Texas since our snowy Christmas day.  My thoughts have not been about digging  in the garden.  Sitting by the fireplace with a hot cup of tea and garden catalogs spread at my feet seem right for January.

The gardening calendar has other thoughts.   Potatoes and onions are ready to be planted now!  Jim and Hans  planted our onion sets last week.  Jim likes to get an early start on onions and plants them just as soon as he can find them in Dallas garden centers. 

 To grow fist size onions, you need to select the right variety, plant between January 1st and February 15th, and maintain optimum moisture and fertility. We like the  famous 1015Y  Texas SuperSweet.  Other recommendations from Texas A&M include :  Bermuda, Southern Belle, White Granex, Yellow Granex and Burgundy.

Plant your onion sets about 4 inches apart in raised furrows.  Keep them moist not wet.  At the Demonstration Garden we  add  compost to provide the nutrients onions crave. 

And what’s the payoff for getting outside in January  to plant onions?   Remember the sweet and savory onion tarts we made last May! 


Next week we will be plant potatoes, and seeds of beets, lettuce, carrots, and radishes.

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  1. I wonder when I could plant them. I didn’t do prep work for winter gardening, though.

  2. Jennie, for Lubbock, plant between Feb 15-March 15. You could build raised rows in your garden pretty easlily, I would think and then how much fun to have a supply for all the meals you cook. Ann

  3. I live in the Hill Country of Texas but enjoy your emails and web site so very much. So much good information. .


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