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Cypress Vine

Cypress Vine Flower

When it comes to flowers, I like to get up close and personal.

I love to stare into them and what could be more rewarding than looking into the five point star of the cypress vine flower?  The bright red bloom also attracts hummingbirds who love to dive into the little white throat of its flower for nectar.

The fern like foliage also draws me to cypress vine or Ipomoea quamoclit.  It is bright green and buoyantly drapes around arbors, poles, columns, pergolas, or anything else you give it to climb. We have grown it in our Demonstration Garden on a trellis in a semi- shaded area.

Cypress Vine Draped At Ann's House With Althea In Background

This annual vine was grown in Virginia gardens in the eighteenth century.  Thomas Jefferson sent seeds to Monticello and it grows in their historic re-creation of Jefferson’s garden today.

Save the seeds of cypress vine when the pods become papery and you can hear the seeds rattle or just let them drop to the ground for a return of this welcome vine.


PS: Leave a comment if you are interested in a gift of cypress vine seeds from Dallas Garden Buzz.  We can mail  for planting next spring as long as our supply of seeds lasts!

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  1. What a lovely vine. I would like to plant this in my mother’s garden as it is part shade and she is trying to grow plants which attract hummingbirds and butterflies. Let me know how to pick them up or they can be sent to Liz White 3637 Granada Ave Dallas 75205
    Thanks for the article!

  2. Sheridan Stringer

    I would love some seeds. We are developing a hummingbird garden at Merriman Park Elem. and these would be perfect!

  3. I would like some seeds for my dappled shade garden. The previous owner had a “make it sell quick”garden. I want to plant to attract birds and butterflies.

  4. I need these seeds, too.

  5. what a lovely vine and thanks for sharing this for us.can you let me know that how i can get its seeds i like it so much.

  6. Lovely plant and a sweet gift. I think these would do well in Kentucky and happy to take advantage of your gift. 🙂 I’ll send you an email. Thank you sharing. I will love these!


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