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Purple Wintercreeper, Euonymus Fortunei ‘Coloratus’

Purple Wintercreeper at Linda’s

Is it just the name? Why don’t more gardeners plant purple wintercreeper?

Listed on AgriLife Water University’s Top 100 Plants for North Texas , purple wintercreeper is one of the five groundcovers listed along with horse herb, frog fruit, snake herb and grey santolina. Texas gardener, Neil Sperry, also gives it a thumbs up.

It is evergreen, grows in full sun or partial shade, has reddish-purple fall and winter color and provides a wonderful texture to the garden floor. You might consider planting it instead of the ubiquitous Asian jasmine because it isn’t damaged by our cold weather temperatures.

Purple wintercreeper is easily established in a large area needing ground cover, just add mulch around the new plants and water as you would any new planting. After establishment, purple wintercreeper thrives on a moderate watering schedule.

Drip irrigation would be perfect as shown in this first photo.

In the next few weeks our thoughts will turn to spring, but while considering ground covers please don’t forget the one with the funny name, purple wintercreeper.

Ann Lamb, Dallas County Master Gardener Class of 2005

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  1. I convinced our HOA to plant purple wintercreeper around parts of our neighborhood’s common areas. It is beautiful ground cover year-round.

  2. Zandra, I love hearing this. Way to go!

  3. Where can I get Purple Wintercreeper in this area (Collin or Dallas County)? I can’t find it anywhere.


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