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Edible Landscape News for 2022

Over four years ago, plans were approved for a new Dallas County Master Gardener project on the campus of Midway Hills Christian Church. The area once used as a children’s playground would be repurposed as an edible landscape. Our mission was to provide attractive and easy to implement landscape design ideas using only edible plant material. 

As the space has evolved, our volunteer team has grown in our understanding of seasonal expectations and requirements. Through numerous failures we’ve learned how environmental factors such as soil structure, shade, moisture and even pest invasions can teach you how to be a better gardener. Thankfully, we’ve also enjoyed great success while venturing into new avenues with different varieties of plants. It has been fun to celebrate those victories.

Looking ahead, we believe that it is now time to move the edible landscape forward with a slightly different approach. Starting this fall, our edible landscape team will begin the process of integrating non-edibles into our lovely garden spaces. This will give us the ability to demonstrate, more fully, how to creatively use both edibles and non-edibles together in well-planned garden projects. We’re hopeful, that as we introduce an artistic palette of harmonious colors, shapes and textures, others will be inspired to use them also.

We invite you to join us in this journey as we continue to explore exciting new possibilities. Our desire is to provide a place where the natural world gives you a feeling of peace and serenity. As the garden evolves may your spirits be lifted and your soul refreshed.

Linda Alexander and Fern Brown, Co Leaders

Beverly Allen, Research and Seed Selection Coordinator

In honor of our new Co Leader, Fern Brown, it seemed very appropriate that the first non-edible introduction to the Edible Landscape Garden would be a lovely assortment of “ferns”. A “tip of the hat” to Fern for donating holly ferns from her yard to get us started.

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  1. Can’t wait to check out the plant combinations y’all come up with! And congratulations to new Co-Leader Fern Brown! Fern will be a great addition to the Raincatcher’s team.


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