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Thursday, May 13th, 9:00am – 2:00pm 

Friday, May 14th, 9:00am – 12:00 noon 

Prices start at $2 for 4” pots. CASH or CHECK ONLY, PLEASE!!! 

Location: Midway Hill Christian Church, 11001 Midway Rd., Dallas, 75229

You are invited to shop our annual plant sale in the Courtyard Garden at Midway  Hills Christian Church. Plants for sale have been donated from our volunteers’  home gardens, dug and divided from the the Raincatcher’s Garden, and started from  seeds by our volunteers. Many have been planted in decorative pots and in outdoor pots as herb gardens and vegetable pots. The plants in nursery pots (4”–5 gal.) include herbs, veggies, perennials, annuals, sedums, succulents, cactus, ground covers, trees, shrubs and many more. 

This event will be subject to current Covid-19 protocols: 

• Masks must be worn 

• Social Distancing observed (limited access to Courtyard). Please be prepared  to wait for admission. 

• Please limit your visiting in the Courtyard so we can admit those who are  waiting. We welcome you to tour the North Gardens.  

• Hand sanitizer available 

• Volunteers working the sale will all be fully vaccinated 

This sale has been a successful fundraising event for Raincatchers Garden at  Midway Hills for many years. We thank you all for your continued support. 

Sarah Sanders, Dallas County Master Gardener Class of 2008

Pictures by Beverly Allen

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Dallas County Master Gardeners growing and sharing from The Raincatcher's Garden.

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