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Lucinda Hutson’s Austin Garden

Starla and I visited Austin gardens last year in May as participants in the Garden Bloggers Fling.

The color of this purple house and the merriment in its surrounding gardens have remained in my mind.

Lucinda Hutson’s home and garden in Austin

‘La Morada” or the little purple house is a perfect backdrop for the enchanting gardens.

Lucinda Huston welcoming us from her front door. Note the boots adorned with purple foliage.

The narrow lot was made into a series of colorful garden rooms each with a theme.

The fish atop the wall gives a hint of the mermaid grotto you are about to enter.

Fish chairs fish pots, a shell arch and a pond planted with papyrus and ferns. The shape of the plants suggest the ocean floor.

I first learned of Lucinda through her book the The Herb Garden Cookbook.  Garden herbs from around the world meld with edible flowers and other colorful flowers. Take a long look at the pots, the edge of the roof, the tiles on the door, and the zest she has built into this garden room.

Love the fern silhouette!

You knew there would be a bar and ourtdoor dining.  This is a high-spirited place!

Viva Tequila! Cocktails, Cooking, and Other Agave Adventures, Lucinda’s latest cookbook must have been written while sitting in this part of her garden.

Lucinda’s cantina!

Th mosaic stepping stones in the garden suggest making the most of broken pieces-a reminder to enjoy life.






And that’s what gardens do, they remind us to enjoy life. Thank you Lucinda Hutson for sharing yours.

Ann Lamb


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