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This is a KOAN or paradoxical thought koans are used to open the mind so new ways of thinking can find room. So will it work??  It’s worth at least a try.

The first part is easy. No matter what one’s belief system, there surely have been warnings of the danger inherent in a reliance on earthy possessions.

The second part—A weed is a treasure—That does seem to require an open mind and a new way of thinking.

How can it be that a weed becomes a treasure?

The first step—get into the garden and get to work. Already the gardener is reaping benefits both physical and mental—looking for weeds just cannot be done from a distance.

Finding weeds develops the mind—each green thing must be evaluated—remember self-seeding annuals and baby perennials are there too so care is needed. Learning to identify plants is a valuable skill—now you have more to share with others!

Larkspur is a self seeding annual, so it gets to stay!

Careful garden work can reveal when a plant has taken more than its fair share of resources—its become a weed—action can be taken before this overly ambitious plant smothers its neighbors.

Henbit, you are crowding verbena. You must go!

When a weed is removed space and water and nutrients are now available for another plant to thrive.

While looking for weeds—don’t forget to look around—at weed level beautiful tiny things are seen that would be missed otherwise.

The gardener sees the space become more beautiful—what a happy sense of accomplishment that all started with seeing a weed. So maybe weeds are more like TREASURE MAPS.  Valuable because they lead us to see what can be done to make our spaces  beautiful.

Susan Thornbury

Pictures by Starla


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