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Chicken Day at The Raincatcher’s Garden

If your young child came home from school last week and said he had a held a chicken, maybe they were on a school field trip to the The Raincatcher’s Garden.  During the last 2 weeks on 2 consecutive Tuesdays about 175 children came to our garden to learn about chickens.  Judy, a Dallas County Master Gardener and henkeeper brought her brood: Blossom, Giggi, Dr. Pepper, and Velvet and Monarch.

Judy holding Gigi

Judy holding Gigi

Judy said the children had lots of good questions and learned some parts of the chickens…comb, wattles, beak, wings, etc. They learned chickens eat bugs, seeds, leaves, and other things.  Chickens do not have teeth;  they have a gizzard to grind up their food and their eyelids close from the bottom up.

Preston Hollow Students with Gigi

Preston Hollow Students Learning How to Hold a Chicken

Different breeds lay eggs of different colors and sizes. The children liked seeing the pretty colored eggs and knowing that eggs come from chickens not grocery store cartons.

Thank you da Vinci School, Dallas Cooperative Preschool, and Preston Hollow Presbyterian School. The Master Gardeners hope you come back and so do the chickens.


Pictures by Starla

Sign up for free field trips here.

Interested in becoming a henkeeper? Take a self guided tour of chicken coops provided by A Peep at the Coops. It starts at Moss Haven Farm.

Date: Sunday, May 1

Time: 11am-5pm

Place: 9202 Moss Farm Lane, Dallas, Texas




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