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Sex 101

How do you tell the “boys” from the “girls?”  In Monarch butterflies, that is.

The male Monarch butterflies have a scent gland on their lower hindwing that produce pheromones used to attract females:

Above: Male Monarch Butterfly

Above: Male Monarch Butterfly

The females on the other hand have wider veins giving them a somewhat darker appearance:

Above: Female Monarch Butterfly

Above: Female Monarch Butterfly

Our own Dallas County Master Gardener Janet D. Smith, a much requested speaker on such topics as “Sex in the Garden” and pollinators, says the following:  “I couldn’t remember if the black spot indicated if it is a male or female until I realized that it is normally the male of the species who has round things on the lower half of the body.  The darker veins on the female also remind me of eyeliner which for most of my life was only seen on women.”

Janet always gets a laugh from the audience after she tells her way of remembering how to sex Monarch butterflies— and you probably won’t forget how to tell the difference either.



Note: Both pictures courtesy of Janet D. Smith


Today is November 1 and the plant sale at Texas Discovery Gardens is about to start.  For your convenience, here is information about the sale.

Butterfly Plant Sale: October 31-November 1

Enjoy a selection of native and adapted pollinator-friendly plants! Have a mature yard with lots of trees? Shade tolerant plants are highlighted in yellow so you can see them at a glance. After seven years of low prices, we have added $1 to 4-inch and 1-gallon containers to reflect increased soil costs. We’re still the cheapest in town!

Milkweed bloom Here is the Fall Plant Sale List!

Our Plant Sale list is split into plant categories (grasses, perennials, etc.) and alphabetized by botanic name in each category. The numbers in the second column show how many of each species we have in stock, so you can plan ahead. The third column, N/X, means Native/Non Native. We also a butterfly/pollinator section. 

Any questions on the list? email us at RSanderson @ Texas Discovery 

The Dates

October 31: 3 pm to 4 pm 
October 31: 4 pm to 7 pm 
November 1: 9 am to 10 am 
November 1: 10 am to 2 pm

Plant Safari Guided Tour ($10, $5/TDG members) 
Member’s Preview Sale 
Plant Safari Guided Tour ($10, $5/TDG members)
Fall Plant Sale

Are you a plant sale newbie? Fall Plant Sale at Texas Discovery GardensThe Plant Sale Cheat Sheet (get in; get out; get planting!) 
1. Fair Park may charge for parking at the gate. Tell the attendant you are attending the Texas Discovery Gardens Plant Sale for free parking. 

2. Park around back by our Greenhouse (Turn right past the gate and follow our fence line and signs along your left.) 

3. Park your plants! We have ‘Plant Parking Spaces’ where you can load plants while you shop. Volunteers are on hand to tally up when you’re finished. You then take your ticket to the greenhouse to pay. 

4. Feel free to bring a dolly or cart (or a significant other, neighbor, boy scout, etc.) to help with carry out. We have a few (carts, that is) available to help you out once you have paid and are ready to go home, but it can back up at the beginning of the sale. 

5. Questions? Just ask! We have plenty of wonderful volunteers and staff on hand to answer your plant questions and more. 

Prices: $4 – 4-inch; $8 – gallons; trees, shrubs are special prices. Cash, check and credit card are accepted.



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  1. Thank you Carolyn (and Janet). This made me laugh, and gave me a good start to my day!

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  3. Aggie, thank you! It’s nice to hear from you again!


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