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Hummer Festival 2014

I feel so lucky to have been at  The Hummer Festival 2014 in Rockport, Texas last Saturday.


My son and I attended the lecture, Hummingbird Friendly Yards, and  visited several homes in Rockport where hummingbirds like to congregate.  We saw dozens of Hummingbirds like these two females at a feeder.


Hummers don’t care what type of feeder you have purchased. Just make sure the sugar water (4parts water to 1 part sugar) is clean and the color red is on the feeder. Here’s how one homeowner added red.


There are many varieties of Hummingbirds  that buzz through  Rockport: Buff- Bellied, Rufous-tailed, Black Chinned, Caliope, Allens, Anna, Broad- Tailed, Broad- Billed and the Ruby Throated which is the most prevalent.  I would like to see Anna because we share the same name.  The male Ruby Throat has guess what…a ruby throat!


Too bad we missed the class, Photographing Hummingbirds and other Small Birds. Next year I will try to catch that and have a little bit sharper pictures.  Other interesting classes were: Smart Phone Digiscoping with a practice session, Binoculars, Scopes, and More, Endangered Hummingbirds What Can We Do to Preserve Them. you could follow the birds by boat, bus, or on foot.



More Hummingbird Info Here.

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  1. Love the pictures and wish I could have been there!

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