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October In Our Garden!

Our garden at 2311 Joe Field Road in Dallas, Texas has turned delicious!

This is Salvia greggi ‘Raspberry’, a perennial you will want in your water wise garden! Hmmm…looks good enough to eat, but please don’t.  Plenty of edibles  from our garden are coming.

Blooming Salvia Greggi, raspberry color

Jim made pumpkin pie for us after cooking up these pumpkins we grew!

pumkins and squash on countertop

We have been picking pomegranates in our garden and are ready to make our famous pomegranate jelly again.

Two Master Gardeners holding a bucket of pomegranatesLisa picked pomegranates from a neighbor’s tree; after asking permission. Imagine they didn’t want the fruit!  Should we share a jar of our pomegranate jelly with them?

Master Gardener holding a bucket of pomegranatesIf you would like to buy a jar of pomegranate jelly made from Sarah’s recipe and these pomegranates, come to our Dallas County Master Gardener meeting on Thursday, October 24th at 11:30 am at the Farmer’s Branch Rec Center.  All welcome!


Pomegranate Jelly

Pomegranate harvested from our tree, pottery by Lisa's daughterWe are wild about pomegranates at the Demonstration Garden.  Our three year old tree produced enough pomegranates to fill 12 quart bags of pomegranate seeds and make two dozen jars of jelly. 

Pomegranate Jelly Making-First Step

Sarah provided the recipe and tutelage. You should have been in our kitchen last week! Extracting Juice From The Pomegranates Seeds

The pomegranate juice, lemon juice, and sure jell was brought to a rolling boil, sugar was added and more boiling.  This was carefully poured into sterilized jars and processed in a boiling water canner.

Processed Jars of Pomegranate Jelly

Last step-refuse goes to the compost pile!

Pomegranate Hulls Will Be  Composted

Actually, you can help us with one more step! Please purchase a jar of Pomegranate Jelly at the October 25th Master Gardener meeting at Winfrey Point, Dallas, Texas. The proceeds will provide a little  for the upkeep of our gardens!


School In The Garden

A s summer fades away. here’s a look at some of our crops and more reasons to have school outside in our learning center at the Earth-Kind® WaterWise Demonstration Garden.

Chinese Red Yardlong Noodle Beans, Garlic Chives, Pomegranate

 Chinese Red Yardlong Noodle Beans and Amaranth Love Lies Bleeding

We are growing these two exotic edibles at the Demonstration Garden to learn more about them ourselves. In our first picture Cindy is stretching out the yardlong bean and the amaranth is blooming with cascading ropes of flowers in front of it.

 To find out how to cook the yardlong noodle beans read Garden Betty.  

Amaranth aka, Love Lies Bleeding, loves the heat and does not need much water. The leaves and seeds are highly nutritious.  Its creepy name refers to its use in the middle ages to stop bleeding.  A whole social studies unit could be written about Amaranth and the uses of it around the world today and historically.  Our garden setting would be the perfect place to teach this!

Garlic Chives  Plop the ornamental seeds heads into your salad along with the chopped up  stems or leave them so you can gather their seeds.

 Pomegranate  We grow the variety, ‘Wonderful’, and it started producing for us the summer after we planted it in 2009.  It will become a multi-trunked small to mid-size tree .  We have an orchard in the planning stages with  Pomegranate trees and other Dallas oriented fruit trees to be planted and more school lessons to be taught!



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